From Plain Space To Entertainment Central

Here at Staffordshire Skip Hire, we have seen an increase in customers getting their garden and driveway ready to entertain guests as we come out of lockdown. From extending the driveway to fit more cars, to creating a grand entertainment area in the garden, there are a number of services that we offer that will make the whole project that much easier.

Skip Hire

With every regeneration project, there will always be an abundance of waste. Whether this is excess rubbish, waste ground, tearing out old drives and patios, or those bushes that are currently in the way. Hiring a skip in advance can help you to move the waste in one fell swoop to get it out of the way.
If you don’t have a driveway space that your skip can sit on while you are working around it, you can request permission from the council to have it placed on the road. This will give you the full range of movement to work on your land without having to work around the skip. Please ensure that you have permission before we arrive with the skip. If you are unsure, please contact your local council for more information.
When undertaking larger projects, we recommend that you size up from the skip you think you need. You may find that you end up with more waste than you initially thought, of it may not compact as well as expected. It can help to save you money in the long run as it can stop you from needing a second skip.
If you are working in the height of summer, please check out our blog on Summer Skip Hire Tips.

Machine Hire

At Staffordshire Skip Hire we have a range of machines that will make light work of digging out your space to lay your new driveway or patio. This includes mini diggers (who wants to shovel out ground in the sun?) and mini excavators. Please visit our Digger Hire for a full list of the machines that we have to offer, or contact us to discuss your project and the best machines for the job. Or head over to our blog on Revamp Your Garden With Ease With Machine Hire.

Aggregates To Suit

Depending on how you are looking to finish your driveway or patio, you may need to invest in a selection of aggregates. We have a range of both builders aggregates and decorative aggregates available for both collection and local delivery.
If you are laying yourself a slabbed patio, you may need to consider the aggregates that you have underneath rather than straight onto soil. Depending on your ground will depend on which is best for you. Contact our team if you are unsure which works best for you.
The quickest and easiest (and sometimes cheapest) way to expand your driveway and patio is to have a selection of decorative aggregates as your final finish. We stock a range including plum slate, red granite and Cotswold stone, which make for an attractive driveway or patio.
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For more information on skip hire, digger hire or our collection of aggregates, please get in touch today and our expert team will be happy to assist you. You can also check back to our latest news for more ideas on how our services can help you.