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Lockdown DIY Using Skip Hire

The country has spent recent months in lockdown, which has sparked the creative juices of homeowners and builders alike.

During this time, Staffordshire Skip Hire have seen many different DIY projects taking place with a study from Aviva stating that 85% of adults in the UK have at least attempted some sort of DIY project.

One of the key items to complete these sort of projects is a skip from Staffordshire Skip Hire, as a safe and efficient way of dealing with all of your waste. We have heard about all kinds of projects such as back garden bars to new children’s play areas.

Here are a selection of DIY projects we have heard about that are worth shouting about –

Three Amazing Home DIY Projects from Lockdown

1. Back Garden Bar – A couple from Wilmslow were not quite ready to go back to the pub under the new guidelines, so they decided to bring the pub home instead!
With a budget of just £500, with all materials purchased through Facebook Marketplace, they added old beer pumps and a second-hand fridge to help create their very own beer garden.

2. Steam Train BBQ – A welder who has a love for DIY created his very own BBQ from parts of an old steam train using its scrap metal. While it can be tricky to find uses for old scrap metal, this is a great way to stop it being dumped at a recycling centre plus you get your own bespoke BBQ!
The welder even used the pipe of the train to filter out the smoke with the metal holding in the heat and doubling up as a rotisserie oven.

3. Home Gym – With all the gyms closed during lockdown people have been looking at different ways to maintain their fitness levels. A couple took this a step further by creating their own home gym with items from local DIY stores. They even took it a step further by sourcing their gym’s windows from their local scrapyard.

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