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The History of Skip Hire Services

Skips are a common sight in the modern world but many people do not consider how intelligently designed the very best skips are.

Modern skips from Staffordshire Skip Hire are easily unloadable and loadable from a lorry plus they can hand a number of different types of waste.

Most of us will notice a skip when we are passing a construction or demolition project or perhaps when somebody is renovating their home or office space. Thankfully hiring a skip from Staffordshire Skip Hire is one of the simplest tasks to complete.

The Legacy of Skips

The first documented use of a skip was back in 1922 was in the seaside town of Southport. There was an issue with the distance travelled between houses and refuse and waste disposal areas. At this time, horse-drawn carts were the most common method of transporting waste from one point to the next. While this was an easy way to obtain the waste from house to house, it was becoming a longer process to transport the waste to a dumping ground.

This led to a meeting between a lorry manufacturer and the borough engineer of Southport to identify a solution. A horse-drawn container which measured 300 cubic feet was seen as the best method, and become widely known as the first skip with the wheels 20 inches in diameter to transport the waste.

When the container was filled it was connected to the rear of a lorry to transport it to the assigned dumping ground.

The Improvement and Development of Skips

Improvements for skips began in 1926, starting with how they are transported with small, petrol-powered trucks called Freighters used.

At the same time in London, skips were being mounted sideways which allowed several skips to be carried across a single chassis at the same time. The Freighter became a big success with most cities across the UK using them as part of skip hire services.

More and more construction, demolition and refurbishment projects throughout both the 20th and 21st century have developed skips to be able to remove large amounts of waste from specific locations. Today, Staffordshire Skip Hire offers a number of different sizes of skips, for however long you need it.

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Can I Use Skips for Garden Waste?

If you are looking to give your garden a bit of TLC, the best way to get rid of your waste is by using skip hire from Staffordshire Skip Hire.

This is the best way to dispose of garden waste in no time compared to waiting for your local council to pick up your green bin.

What Materials are Considered Garden Waste?

Here is a quick breakdown of materials that can be considered as garden waste –

  • Grass, weeds, shrubs, leaves, twigs and branch clippings
  • Lawn, turf, soil, slag, wood chip and bark
  • Bricks, slabs, rubble and hardcore materials
  • Garden furniture, plant pots or patio materials

Why Skip Hire is the Most Efficient for Garden Waste

1. The Most Cost-Effective Collection Service – It can always be tempting to hire a man with a van but remember this is twice the price. You will pay separate fees for the labour costs and the disposal of your garden waste (which is based on the amount).
Alternatively, skip hire from Staffordshire Skip Hire is charged at a much more reasonable rate for big garden waste clearances.

2. More Reliable than Council Bin Collection Service – If you are considering using your local council’s bin collection service there are many factors to consider, such as –

  • Picking the right day of the week
  • Choosing the right hour of the day
  • Positioning your bin on the footpath next to the curb
  • Ensure you are not blocking pedestrian pathways or vehicle access
  • Making sure your bin handle is facing your home
  • Bagging up all your loose rubbish
  • Not overloading your bin

3. Book Online – When you choose a skip hire from Staffordshire Skip Hire you can book with us online or by simply giving us a call and our operator can drop your skip right at your door plus we will pick it up once you are done. We will also ensure all of your garden waste will be recycled up to 100% of all its content.

4. Lower Carbon Footprint – Most councils in the UK still allow garden fires but have strict rules about this sort of activity. You can be charged thousands of pounds for unintentional violations.

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Lockdown DIY Using Skip Hire

The country has spent recent months in lockdown, which has sparked the creative juices of homeowners and builders alike.

During this time, Staffordshire Skip Hire have seen many different DIY projects taking place with a study from Aviva stating that 85% of adults in the UK have at least attempted some sort of DIY project.

One of the key items to complete these sort of projects is a skip from Staffordshire Skip Hire, as a safe and efficient way of dealing with all of your waste. We have heard about all kinds of projects such as back garden bars to new children’s play areas.

Here are a selection of DIY projects we have heard about that are worth shouting about –

Three Amazing Home DIY Projects from Lockdown

1. Back Garden Bar – A couple from Wilmslow were not quite ready to go back to the pub under the new guidelines, so they decided to bring the pub home instead!
With a budget of just £500, with all materials purchased through Facebook Marketplace, they added old beer pumps and a second-hand fridge to help create their very own beer garden.

2. Steam Train BBQ – A welder who has a love for DIY created his very own BBQ from parts of an old steam train using its scrap metal. While it can be tricky to find uses for old scrap metal, this is a great way to stop it being dumped at a recycling centre plus you get your own bespoke BBQ!
The welder even used the pipe of the train to filter out the smoke with the metal holding in the heat and doubling up as a rotisserie oven.

3. Home Gym – With all the gyms closed during lockdown people have been looking at different ways to maintain their fitness levels. A couple took this a step further by creating their own home gym with items from local DIY stores. They even took it a step further by sourcing their gym’s windows from their local scrapyard.

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carpet disposal - skip hire

The Ultimate Guide to Carpet Disposal

When you are having a new carpet fitted it is common practice to dispose of your old one.

Here at Staffordshire Skip Hire, we get regular calls about using our skip hire services for getting rid of carpets. This is why we have put together this comprehensive guide of all the ways you can dispose of a carpet.

9 Ways to Get Rid Of Your Old Carpet

Retailers – One easy way to dispose of your old carpet is to have it removed by the retailer that you purchased your new one from. Many carpet retailers with an offer this sort of service just make sure you clarify whether this includes uplifting your old one or simply collecting and disposing of.

Carpet Fitters – If your retailer does not offer a disposal service you can always ask your carpet fitter if they can remove it for an additional fee. You will need to ensure they have a waste carrier’s license from the Environment Agency as it is illegal for them to take it away without this.

Reuse – Old carpets can be repurposed for gardening, mats, animal bedding, offcuts or you could consider giving it to a friend. Having said this, new offcuts are more likely to be reusable as older carpets can sometimes be smelly and unpleasant.

Council Dump – If you are a householder, disposing of carpet at your local recycling centre is the most cost-effective option as most tips are completely free. The only downside if you have a vehicle is that it may require more than one trip to completely get rid of your old carpet.

Councils – Some councils do offer a bulky waste collection service, but you will need to check with your local council’s website first.

Skip Hire – Providing there is enough carpet to fill it, hiring a skip from Staffordshire Skip Hire is another way of getting rid of old flooring materials.

Man and Van Clearance – The obvious alternative to skip hire is using a man and van rubbish removal company.

Pulling Up Your Carpet – Before you can dispose of your carpet it will need to be lifted up from the floor. This requires a handful of tools but if you do not feel like getting your hands dirty you ask a carpet fitter to do this.

Landfill – Carpets contain complex fibres that can not be broken down in landfill as their process of biodegrading is slower and creates methane. We would strongly recommend not adding your old carpet to landfill.

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