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The History of Skip Hire Services

Skips are a common sight in the modern world but many people do not consider how intelligently designed the very best skips are.

Modern skips from Staffordshire Skip Hire are easily unloadable and loadable from a lorry plus they can hand a number of different types of waste.

Most of us will notice a skip when we are passing a construction or demolition project or perhaps when somebody is renovating their home or office space. Thankfully hiring a skip from Staffordshire Skip Hire is one of the simplest tasks to complete.

The Legacy of Skips

The first documented use of a skip was back in 1922 was in the seaside town of Southport. There was an issue with the distance travelled between houses and refuse and waste disposal areas. At this time, horse-drawn carts were the most common method of transporting waste from one point to the next. While this was an easy way to obtain the waste from house to house, it was becoming a longer process to transport the waste to a dumping ground.

This led to a meeting between a lorry manufacturer and the borough engineer of Southport to identify a solution. A horse-drawn container which measured 300 cubic feet was seen as the best method, and become widely known as the first skip with the wheels 20 inches in diameter to transport the waste.

When the container was filled it was connected to the rear of a lorry to transport it to the assigned dumping ground.

The Improvement and Development of Skips

Improvements for skips began in 1926, starting with how they are transported with small, petrol-powered trucks called Freighters used.

At the same time in London, skips were being mounted sideways which allowed several skips to be carried across a single chassis at the same time. The Freighter became a big success with most cities across the UK using them as part of skip hire services.

More and more construction, demolition and refurbishment projects throughout both the 20th and 21st century have developed skips to be able to remove large amounts of waste from specific locations. Today, Staffordshire Skip Hire offers a number of different sizes of skips, for however long you need it.

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