Enclosed Skip, Worth It Or Not?

When it comes to hiring a skip, we know that there are a number of choices and it is easy to get lost among the choices. So when it comes to whether you require an enclosed skip, here are the common considerations that our customers make.

Weather Worries

When it comes to the winter, we have an increase in requests for enclosed skips. This is primarily because many believe that this will keep their waste drier, so as not to fill an already heavy skip with water.
Unfortunately, our enclosed skips will still allow an amount of water in, which may make this consideration null and void. However, it is important to note that our skips have holes in or near the base where any water collected will be able to escape so as not to fill the skip.
If you are concerned about your waste collecting water or getting wet (it is waste after all) we recommend that you pick yourselves up a cheap tarpaulin and tie that down.

Privacy Problems

While many of us have little privacy concerns when it comes to our waste, in some cases there will be a privacy concern. Whether this is to protect what is happening as part of the project or clearout, or for businesses to protect their privacy.
For this, enclosed skips are ideal. They can be secured and locked to ensure that privacy is maintained.

Business Bygones

We often find that enclosed skips are requested by businesses when they are refurbishing their offices. While this is predominantly the aforementioned privacy. However, it can also be a security factor.
Skips are often outside of a business’s premises, where they may not be behind a lockable gate. This means that they are open to tampering, including the potential for arson. While many businesses need not be concerned about this, unfortunately, there are those where this is a real concern. Investing in an enclosed skip can reduce this concern.

Longterm Layout

Our enclosed skips are often hired for long-term purposes, whether this is for a business, a long-term project or even by local authorities. If you are interested in a long-term skip placement, please contact the team today who will be more than happy to assist you.

If you would like to discuss enclosed skip hire in Stoke on Trent, please contact the team today who will be happy to assist you.


Post Summer Clear Outs

As the summer comes to a close, you find yourself retreating back indoors. Many of us here in Stoke on Trent have spent much of this dry summer living in the garden whenever we can. Pools sold out, BBQs sold out and we have spent more time in our garden than ever before. But now that it’s over, where does that leave us?

Retreating Indoors

Now that we have retreated indoors, or many of us have thanks to the heavy downpours that we have now seen, we take a look around and wonder how we can make our house look like a nice tidy home once again.
Does the shed or garage now look full, like even a pair of gardening gloves might not even fit? Or is there old or broken garden furniture still sitting on the patio? It’s time for a post-summer garden clear-out.

Out With The Old

When we get to the spring, and head back out into the garden, we usually find the spoils of last summer. Whether it is that furniture we previously mentioned, or overgrown and unloved trees, shrubs and hedgerows. It then takes us time to clear out before we can start to enjoy our garden once again.
However, why not prepare yourself for the spring by having a clearout before the winter hits? This means that any unwanted, old or broken garden furniture should be the first to go. Along with old garden toys that the kids (or pets) are no longer interested in.

Garden Revamp

Many of us wait until the spring before undertaking any bigger garden projects, such as chopping down trees, digging up shrubs, or even taking out hedgerows (we know how much work they are to upkeep). But why do we wait until the spring?
If you start by removing these bigger and bulkier jobs in the autumn, it allows you to start on getting your garden summer ready when spring rolls around!
As many of us keep out of the garden over the winter, it won’t be so bad having a little more mug or dirt on show than usual. As long as you don’t plan on bringing it indoors!
By clearing your garden out in the autumn, it allows you to take the winter to plan out your new garden, and as soon as the frosts have passed, you can get hands-on getting it all ready in time for summer!

Skip Hire Stoke On Trent

Of course, any garden clearance is going to leave you with waste. And not all of it will fit in that garden waste bin in time for them to pause over winter!
So it’s time to consider skip hire in Stoke on Trent. Whether you have a small garden, or you are taking out countless hedgerows, trees and concrete patios, we have skips in a range of sizes, ready to deliver to your doorstep.

If you are considering skip hire in Stoke on Trent, but are unsure as to what size skip you require, please contact the team today who will be happy to discuss your project with you. In some cases, we may recommend grab hire rather than skip hire. We will happily discuss this with you at the time.