Are There Separate Skips For Domestic And Commercial Waste?

When it comes to hiring a skip for your home and business, you might be left wondering if there are different types of skips available for business or for domestic purposes. Here we can help you to decide on the best skips for your needs.

Difference In Skips

There is no requirement to have a specific type of skip for commercial or domestic waste. This means that our entire selection of skips is available for hire whether you are a large organisation, or a small flat clear out (we don’t recommend a 40-yard RoRo here though!).
When it comes to waste removal, we are still restricted as to the waste that we permit into our skips, regardless of the size of the skip, or whether it is commercial or domestic. If you are unsure as to whether your waste will be suitable, you can always contact our team who will be happy to assist you.

Commercial Waste

When you require a skip to remove your commercial waste, the main considerations that you will need to make is the size of your skip and the location of where it will be left on your property.
When it comes to the location of your skip, you will need to consider whether this sits on your property or on the road, in which case you will be required to have a permit from your local council.
If you decide to have the skip on your property, you will need to consider the impact that this might have on your business, for example, if you have customers attending the business, will this impact where they enter your business, where they park, or will you require fencing to partition off the area.
When it comes to the size of your skip, it entirely depends on the amount of waste that you are planning to remove. There is nothing to stop you from going as small as our 2-tonne mini skip, but you can also go for our 40-yard RoRo skip if you are doing a large scale overhaul. Always remember to overestimate your waste as having too large of a skip will work out cheaper for your business than having to hire a second skip if the first is not sufficient.

Domestic Waste

From home renovations to garden clear outs, hiring a skip for domestic purposes has many uses. As with commercial skips, you will also need to consider where the skip will be while it is with you. If you do not have the space on your property, a council permit will be required for on-road skips. If you are planning to have your skip on the property, ensure that the space you have allocated is ample and clear before the arrival of your skip. If you are having a drop door skip, remember to allow for this.
One thing to remember when it comes to hiring a skip for your domestic waste is the items that are prohibited, including white goods. So please speak to us if you are looking to remove items like fridges, freezers and washing machines.

Information on Skip Permits and Hazardous Waste can be found on our dedicated information page. Or you can contact a member of our expert team today who will be happy to assist you.
When it comes to selecting the right size skip, our team of experts are experienced in what can fit in each skip, so if you are unsure, please speak to our team who can guide you in the right direction.


Bathroom Revamp? Why Should You Hire A Skip

Home renovations can leave you with an abundance of waste that you can’t fit in your average household bin. Or that might be too big (or too much) to fit in the back of your car to head to the tip. This includes renovating your bathroom.

Bathroom Fixtures

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, there are usually three larger fixtures that you will need to dispose of. The toilet, sink and bath.
These items are far too big for your standard bin, and for many cars. In many instances, if you have them fitted by the company you purchased your new ones from, they will take away your old ones too. However, in a bid to save a few pennies, many of us opt to either fit them ourselves or call someone cheaper in to fit them. This means that we have to dispose of the old ourselves too.
The good news is that hiring a skip from Staffordshire Skip Hire means that you can dispose of all three items in one place, right in front of your home, without the hassle of moving things around too much, or waiting for them to be collected.

Bathroom Revamp

It is unusual to find someone who is swapping out their bathroom fixtures and not revamping the rest of the room at the same time. Especially as removing the fixtures can cause damage to the surrounding decoration, plaster and flooring.
When hiring a skip to remove all of your fixtures, you can ensure that you are hiring the appropriate size to also remove any further waste that your total revamp may require.
We recommend that you consider the size of the overall bathroom as you may need space for flooring, old plaster and anything else that you might be removing.

Selecting Your Skip

It is easy to underestimate the size of the skip that you require, especially when you are loading it with bulky items. There are a few things that you might want to consider when choosing your size. Firstly, consider a skip with a drop door, this will mean that you do not need to lift heavy and bulky items over the rim of your skip. (You may want to load the bulky items first to fill the skip effectively).
Consider a slightly larger skip than you originally thought, just to be on the safe side as you tend to find you have more waste than you anticipated. For a full bathroom suite, we recommend nothing smaller than our 5-tonne drop door due to the length of your bath.
For advice on selecting the most suitable size, please contact our team today who will be able to advise you based on your specific needs.

For more information on our skips, or to book your skip hire today, please contact a member of our friendly team who will be happy to help you. Check back to our latest news for more information.

skip hire - recycling centre

Where Does My Waste Go?

As more and more of us are recycling our general household waste, from separating your food waste, your glass, cardboard and even tins, you might be sceptical about which items from your skip are actually recycled. You will be glad to know that here at Staffordshire Skip Hire, we do all we can to ensure your waste heads to the right destination.

First Stop: Sorting

You may have thrown a complete variety of waste into your skip, from removing waste from a home renovation to digging up the jungle that should be a back garden. Everything is combined into one skip, meaning that its first stop after we collect it is the sorting facility.
This sorting facility will separate the waste in each skip to ensure that the correct waste can go to each recycling centre.

Household Waste

There are a number of waste items that end up in our skips that could be easily recycled in your home recycling bins. These will all get separated out at the sorting facility and despatched to the appropriate facility, where your home recycling will also go. The most common we see are glass and metals.
Glass – Glass is one of the most recycled materials here in the UK. Glass that arrives at the appropriate recycling facility will be ground and crushed, combined with raw materials, superheated and then formed into a new product.
Your recycled glass can be found in a range of widely products, and even some that we encounter in our everyday lives. Many drinks companies have begun to use recycled glass where they use glass bottles, a number of reusable glass bottles are also now made from recycled glass, alongside recycled glass countertops.

Metal – Alongside glass, the other most commonly recycled material is metal. Some types of metal, such as aluminium, is widely recycled in your household recycling. However, other metals aren’t usually discarded in our usual recycling, so find their way into our skips, where they will end up at the most appropriate recycling facility.
Aluminium is usually found in our homes in the form of drinks cans and food tins. While these can be popped in the usual recycling, we also welcome this form of metal. Once recycled aluminium is smelted into large blocks to then be reused, even ending up in the aerospace industry.
Equally as common is steel, including stainless steel. This commonly finds its way onto our front lawns to be collected by the scrap men. However, it also ends up in our skips to be appropriately sorted. Steel that is recycled can end up back in your life by way of a new bicycle frame, or even end up as train tracks.
Iron and copper are also found disposed of in our skips. This will be directed to the most appropriate facility as they are considered of higher scrap value.

Garden Waste

Clearing out your garden can leave you with an abundance of organic garden waste. Organic waste will compost regardless of the facility it ends up at, however, by ensuring that it ends up in the most appropriate facility, the composted materials can be re-used, and may even end up back in your garden when your purchase compost.
Where your compostable waste is mixed into other in-organic waste, it will be separated and checked to ensure that there is no contamination before being moved to a compost site.

For more information on the facilities where our waste ends up, please contact our team today. To book skip hire, please get in touch today, or head over to our skips to find the right size for your needs.