• Hazardous Waste & Skip Permits

Skip Hire Permit Information

If you have never hired a skip before, there are instances when you will need to apply for a permit before you can use it.
Skips on a highway require a permit, whereas permits are not needed to put it on private land. Only skip suppliers (such as Staffordshire Skip Hire) can apply for permits.

Permits last for 4 weeks, with a new licence required if you want to keep the skip a highway for longer than weeks.
Staffordshire Skip Hire can apply for a skip permit at Gov.uk, and also apply for more than one at the same time, if required.
If you require a waste carrier or a disposal licence, we will contact the Environment Agency for you.

A licence needs to be applied for at least 48 hours before you plan to a put on a road.
The local government will ask for a copy of our insurance certificate as evidence of our public liability insurance before granting a permit.

What Happens After a Skip Permit Application is Submitted?

If the plans are acceptable a licence will be granted, with further information sometimes required referring to the site and size of the skip, visibility to traffic, protecting the environment, removing the skip plus disposing of the contents.

Are There Any Extra Charges for a Skip Permit?

The standard fee for a skip permit varies depending on the local council you fall under, and if the license is rejected (for any reason) half the fee will be refunded.
Fees for our local councils are as follows –

Stoke-on-Trent Council Permit (£60 – 3 Working Days’ Notice)
Staffordshire County Council Permit (£60 – 5 Working Days’ Notice)
Cheshire County Council Permit (£75 – 3 Working Days’ Notice)

We take care of all of this for you however the permit price has to be paid for in advance as it is non-refundable.
If a skip is put on a highway without a licence, there is a charge of £300 added to the application fee, which covers inspection costs from local government. If a skip needs to be removed, you will be charged the full removal costs.

What are my responsibilities as a Skip Permit Holder?

As a permit holder you need to make sure there is no risk to the public or the environment, minimising inconvenience and the skip must be –

• Be positioned with the longer sides parallel to the edge of the carriageway and be as near to the edge of the carriageway as possible
• Be marked with your name, address and phone number
• In good condition and without any holes
• Painted yellow on both ends
• Fitted at each end with vertical red and yellow fluorescent reflective markings that meet the Builders’ Skip Regulations 1984
• Have at least 3 hazard warning cones placed around it
• Lit during the hours of darkness with a lamp on each corner
• Not be put in a position that puts people at risk
• Not obstruct roads or footpaths
• Not block drains
• Not contain any flammable, toxic or dangerous materials or any materials that may rot or become a nuisance

Extra safety and guarding conditions may be added for locations where risk is higher, such as sites outside schools and in town centres.
You will also be required to leave the highway clean and tidy when the skip is removed.

Is there any legislation for a Skip Permit?

The placing of skips on a highway is covered by the Highways Act 1980 sections 139 and 140.

Acceptable Waste Information

As you might expect Skip Hire Companies like ourselves are unable to take away all types of waste. Toxic Hazardous Wastes like you see listed below have to be disposed off separately and in a different way.

Most of it is common sense but if you are unsure about a particular item or items then we at Staffordshire Skip Hire will be able to advise you accordingly and if possible be able to make arrangements for you with regards to the removal of your Hazardous, Toxic items.

Clinical Waste, Syringes – Aerosols With Hazardous Signs – Hazardous and Toxic Waste – Oil Filters, Waste Oil, Diesel – Fluorescent Tubes – Liquids And Sludge’s – Asbestos – Paints, Solvents, Resins – Tyres

Hazardous Waste & Skip Permit Information From Staffordshire Skip Hire

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