Staffordshire Skip Hire blog

Preparing For A Skip

You might think that hiring a skip is as easy as giving us a call, and your skip will arrive. However, there are a number of considerations that you will need to make before the arrival of your skip. Some considerations will be to make it easier for you, some are legal requirements and others will be for us to deliver and collect.

Where Will Your Skip Live?

Whether you are having your skip for as little as a day, or if it is there long term, or until the end of your project, you will need to consider where your skip will sit during its stay. Usual locations for a skip include your driveway, your front garden or even the road.
While you may have a lovely location picked out for you skip that is completely clear and even, you will also need to consider whether our skip lorry will be able to access the area. Narrow streets with multiple parked cars can prove to be somewhat of an issue when it comes to navigating our lorries to your home.
Aside from on-road obstacles, please also be aware of any low trees, narrow bridges and even low hanging cables.
If you are concerned about access to your home please contact a member of the team and discuss this with us and we will help where we can.

Do You Need A Permit?

If space on your property is an issue, or the skip is needed for waste from work on the front of your house, you might find that you need to have your skip left on the road. This will mean that you require a permit for it to be legal. You will need to check this with your local council. Check out our blog on permits for more information.

Should I Notify Neighbours?

Depending on the work that you are undertaking, a gentle notification can be seen as a polite gesture with or without the addition of a skip.
When it comes to notifying them of the skip, you may want to make them aware if it has the potential to impact them in any way. For example, if you share a driveway space, sometimes doors will be opened across the property line, making them aware may allow them to make other arrangements. Similarly, if your skip will be on the road as this may impact them on the approach or departure from their home.

Hiring The Skip

When it comes to the hiring of the skip, making sure that you have chosen the right size skip is a big consideration. Remember that hiring a skip that is too big will be more economical for you than one that is too small then requiring a second skip. If you are unsure what size skip you require, you can always contact our team to discuss your waste and we will be happy to advise your further.

For more information on preparing for the arrival of your skip, please contact a member of our friendly team today who are on hand to help. Check back to our blogs regularly for more ideas and information.