skip hire permits

Do I Need a Permit to Hire a Skip?

If you decided to make the most of a reliable skip hire service, but don’t have space on your property for a skip, you will need to place it on the road, pavement or another property that is council-owned.

If this is the case, you will need to apply for a skip permit from your local authority according to the Highways Act 1980: section 139 road traffic regulations act, 1984.

How Do I Get a Skip Permit?

Skip permits allow you to put a skip on a council-owned property, including roads, for as long as the permit is active. Typically these permits last around a month and can be obtained through your local council.

Staffordshire Skip Hire recommend allowing at least 48 hours for your application to be submitted, processed and approved although it can sometimes take longer.

Restrictions, Fines and Penalties Explained

If your skip will be placed in a busy traffic area, you may need to position traffic cones on the approach side of the skip. This ensures that traffic will pass safely around your skip. During the night if the weather is bad, your skip should be marked with amber flashing lights. These lights will be attached to the corners of the skip and will be very useful in preventing accidents in periods of low visibility.

If the skip is on the road without permission from your local authority, you are actually committing an offence. You could be fined up to £200, or in more serious cases you could be taken to court and fined up to £1000!

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