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Effective Office Clearances using Skip Hire

Clearing out an office can be a daunting task, especially if you are short on time and without a workstation but fear not Staffordshire Skip Hire are here to help!

If you are making a long-awaited move from a dusty old office to a brand new modern one, you can read our easy-to-follow office clearance guide below.

5 Questions You Need to Ask About Office Clearance

Our team of specialists often get asked these five questions relating to office clearances –

How much time do I have?

It is crucial to consider how much time you have to complete your office clearance. Planning is key, as not knowing how long it could take could leave you rushing and making mistakes. This could mean throwing away items you would have kept because you were in a rush.
It is always best to clarify if the clearance will be a gradual process or if the waste accumulated needs removed immediately.

What waste are you getting rid of?

When you start clearing out your office you will stumble across different types of waste that need removing. This could be old stationery, furniture or computers which need disposing of sustainably and efficiently.
We would recommend separating your waste so you can identify those bulkier items which require removal, plus this will give you a better idea of what service you need.

How much waste do you have?

Now you have clarified what you are getting rid of, it is time to get a rough idea of how much there is to clear. The amount of waste will have a direct impact on the cost of your clearance service. Failure to clarify this could cause issues such as ordering the wrong sized skip. On the other side of the spectrum, ordering a skip too small could see waste overflowing. Checking how much waste you have will definitely save you money when you need skip hire.

What service do I need?

Now it is time to choose which service best suits your office clearance project.

Skip hire is our bread and butter at Staffordshire Skip Hire, which offers a longer-term approach for office clearances. Our skips can be hired for short spaces of time (an initial 2 weeks) or longer-term if your project is more extensive. Skips come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from 2-tonne mini skips to 12 cubic yard lidded skips.

How Do I Book a Skip Hire?

Hopefully, we have given you food for thought and you have decided what skip will be best for your office clearance.

Our skips can be booked online and paid for using Paypal or Credit Card.

Get in Touch for More Information

If you have any questions about skip hire relating to office clearances or any other waste removal projects, please contact us today.