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Everything You Need to Know About Loft Conversions

A loft conversion is one of the best ways to create more space in your home; creating another bedroom, a home office or even a gym!

Depending on the size of your loft, you could require a skip hire or large container to help with the waste generated. Here at Staffordshire Skip Hire, we have dealt with plenty of loft conversions which is why we have put together this list of things you need to know before starting this project.

The Key Points for Loft Conversions

Before undertaking a loft conversion, it is important to consider the following four points which will save you money, time and leave you with a beautiful new room in your home.

Get a Fixed Price – Before any works start you will need a fixed price from a contractor or builder’s firm. Unexpected work and a delayed/escalated timescale will hit you in the pocket. Making sure you have a fixed price in writing will help to mitigate any hidden costs and charges.

Hire a Skip – During the construction of your loft conversion, lots of waste, rubbish and building materials will be generated. Depending on the size of your space, you may require a small skip hire or if it is a larger space, you will obviously need a bigger skip. Items such as old furniture, bits of boarding and unwanted old possessions will need to be disposed of. This is where Staffordshire Skip Hire can help, by taking some of these materials away in one of our skips.

Understand Fire Regulations – This is one of the most crucial points to consider. Opening up your ceiling for a staircase can make the spread of fire more rapid. Ensure you have contacted your local authority or fire station to understand more about fire regulations before starting your loft conversion.

Check Planning Permission – Make sure you get planning permission before work starts. Check with your local council beforehand as you may not even need it but this will help avoid any unpleasant legal issues.

Get in Touch with the Skip Hire Specialists

If you are considering a loft conversion soon, please contact Staffordshire Skip Hire for all of your skip hire requirements.