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Remodelling Your Kitchen with Skip Hire

If you are considering giving your kitchen a revamp, you will need to consider hiring a skip from Staffordshire Skip Hire.

Remodelling your kitchen is a massive undertaking with plenty of waste generated, as there will be plenty of different construction materials used for cupboards, piping and kitchen worktops.

Why are Skips so Important for Kitchen Remodelling?

Here are the materials which mean you will need a skip for this project –

Wood – Wood makes up a lot of kitchen areas, including bulky cupboards that line your walls. Add to this your draws and shelves which are all quite difficult to remove when deciding to change your layout. Using a skip will allow you the opportunity to recycle as much of your wood as possible and dispose of the rest responsibly.

Metal – There is also plenty of big and bulky metal objects in kitchens that could need replacing. This includes old copper pipes plus your kitchen sink and drainage area. All of these items will need disposing of properly, which is why skips are the best solution.

Stone – Many kitchens use hard stones such as granite, or in more expensive properties marble is used for worktops and surfaces. If you are replacing these then expect plenty of rubble. Again a skip is the most effective method to get rid of high volumes of waste from a big kitchen remodelling project.

Please note that skip hire companies will not take away your kitchen appliances like fridges or freezers as they contain harmful CFC chemicals. For the rest of your kitchen remodelling project junk make Staffordshire Skip Hire your first call.

Talk to the Skip Hire Specialists

For any type of home renovation project, Staffordshire Skip Hire have a skip waiting for you. Our skips start at 2 tonnes and go up to 12 cubic yard lidded skips for larger projects.

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