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Why Skip Hire is Crucial for Major Refurbishments

If you are looking to start a major refurbishment project, the best way to dispose of all of your waste is to hire a skip from Staffordshire Skip Hire.

This is the only way to dispose of all of your waste in a timely and efficient manner if you think your home needs sprucing up.

For this blog post, we are going to share five important points you will need to consider.

5 Important Factors for Major Refurbishments

A refurbishment can breathe new life into a stuffy old home or completely revamp commercial premises.

De-Clutter – Before you can really change a space, you need to be sure what you are working with. You will not be able to get accurate measurements with old bulky furniture and other items in your way. Having a de-clutter right across your property will help you to start with a blank canvas.

Hire a Skip – It may seem obvious that you will need a skip once you have completed your de-cluttering exercise. As a fully licensed waste carrier, Staffordshire Skip Hire can dispose of all of your rubbish safely and responsibly.

Set Your Budget – Refurbishments can run over time and budget but by setting a clear and realistic budget means it will not break the bank. One of the best ways to save money is to hire a skip, as this will save you loads of petrol money from multiple trips to the tip.

Get Help – If you are struggling with any part of your refurbishment, ask for help regarding the design or building work. Consult the services of a professional builder, architect or interior designer if you have any reservations about building work or DIY. We would recommend talking to them during the planning stages of the project.

Check Planning Permission – While this should be a given, some projects, especially major refurbishments may require planning permission from the local authority. Checking this beforehand will avoid any nasty legal complications.

Great Skip Hire from Staffordshire’s Leading Providers

Here at Staffordshire Skip Hire, we have years of experience in the hiring of skips and the collection of waste. This is why you should get in touch if you need some help with a major refurbishment project.