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Your Guide to Recycling WEEE

WEEE is an abbreviation of waste electrical and electronic equipment, which covers a wide range of products that you are likely to throw out or replace regularly.

Many people know to seperate paper, bottles and garden waste from their regular rubbish, but some items still find their way into the wrong bins. With a lot of items unable to go into specific bins, the best solution is hiring a skip from Staffordshire Skip Hire.

We are proud to offer cost-effective skips in a number of sizes to ensure you get the best skip for your requirements.

If you live in an area without ample parking, or on a narrow road, a smaller skip is perfect to help you to remove general rubbish that cannot be recycled. WEEE has become one of the most difficult, and increasingly common waste streams to recycle.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Explained

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment can include items such as –

  • Laptops and Personal Computers
  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablet Computers
  • Wiring and Plugs
  • TVs and Monitors
  • Mp3 Players and Sound Equipment
  • Batteries
  • Fluorescent or Incandescent Light Bulbs or LEDs
  • DVD, Video or CD Players or Free View Boxes

All of these items are recyclable but you simply cannot put them in a standard recycling bin.

Anything electrical, whether it needs a connection to the main electrical circuit or batteries can be classified as WEEE. This category of waste continues to grow at an exponential rate all across Europe.

As the recycling system for WEEE is still quite ineffective and has not been introduced for standard household recycling bins, industry statistics revealed more than three-quarters of WEEE still end up landfill sites.

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