Garden Firepit? Get Your Logs And Coal

The range of household fuels that we offer here at Staffordshire Skip Hire isn’t just to warm the inside of your home in the midst of Winter. They are perfect for your fire pit in the garden this summer too.

The Firepit

When it comes to loading up our firepits this summer, there are a few things to consider before you just start burning everything you can find.
Every firepit is slightly different, some will be more durable, and will be able to withstand hotter fires that burn for longer, whereas others will have been designed to purely just burn logs and nothing else.
Many manufacturers will have this information on either packaging that comes with your fire pit or their own website. Always check this before your first use to ensure you are not harming your new fire pit.
If you do not have the appropriate information, please keep to just burning logs as these will burn at a lower temperature.
There are two main differences when it comes to firepits. Some have enclosed bases and others have open bases. Providing that the firepit can withstand the heat, both can be filled with coal as a base, however, an open base will allow the air to get under the coal and burn more effectively.
Using coal as a base means that your firepit will burn at a higher temperature and for longer. It will generally mean that you can start your fire early afternoon and continue to enjoy its effects into the evening (you may need to throw a few extra logs on in the meantime!).

Lighting Your Fire

As with your indoor fire, when it comes to lighting your firepit, you will want to use the best quality materials, which will increase the length of time the fire will burn and reduce the amount of smoke that it emits. For best results, use dry smokeless coals and where possible, kiln dried logs will also give you the best fire. Aim to build a small pyramid of kindling within your logs to get the best start. If you don’t have any firestarters, you can use knotted newspapers to give you the same start.

Fuel From Staffordshire Skip Hire

Here at Staffordshire Skip Hire, we have taken measures to ensure that we now only stock approved fuels following the introduction of new legislation from the UK government on the sale of wet logs and coal. This means that we can supply you with ready to go kiln dried logs and smokeless coals for your fire pit.
So whether you are opting for just a log fire, or a coal base, our products are of the highest quality. Allowing you to enjoy your fire, while falling within new government regulations.

For more information on the household fuels that we offer from Staffordshire Skip Hire, please contact a member of the team today who will be happy to discuss this with you. If you need to clear your garden out before you light your fire read our blog on Garden Clearance.