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Three Weird and Wonderful Ways to Use Skip Hire

A number of different sectors are using skip hire services of Staffordshire Skip Hire for a number of weird and wonderful things.

While we understand that skips are a fantastic practical solution for de-cluttering our homes and offices or refurbishment or construction projects run smoothly; the humble skip has enjoyed countless varying uses across many years.

For our latest post, Staffordshire Skip Hire have decided to take a look at three unique uses for skips, although we wouldn’t recommend you trying any of these.

Unexpected Uses of Skips

Swimming Pool – It may seem like a unique idea, but some people have converted empty skips into a swimming pool. This sort of project was undertaken by Oliver Bishop Young, who also converted a skate park and garden.

Wedding Transport – One young bride decided to commission a converted skip to transfer her to the church on time. The converted skip was painted blue and decorated with glitter plus its interiors were upholstered with chairs and carpeting too. Her fiance also kitted the skip out with bells, lights, a curtain plus a clear-roof in case of rain.

Art – While you may have heard the term modern art is rubbish, some artists have taken this to a whole new level. Artist David Bachelor transformed a yellow skip on the streets of Brighton into a unique art installation. The skip featured a glowing yellow trim with the intention to get people to think about their surroundings. Bachelor’s intention was to make an artistic statement and bring attention pieces of everyday life they took for granted.

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