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What Happens to Waste When It’s Collected in a Skip?

If you have decided to hire a skip from Staffordshire Skip Hire, you may be wondering what happens to your waste once it is collected.

This is why we have put together this informative guide to your waste once it leaves your property for the final time.

Explain the Journey of Rubbish Once Collected

Individuals and businesses have a duty of care ensuring their waste is disposed of in a responsible way. This is still the case even after its left their home or business premises. If you do not abide by these regulations it could result in a £5000 fine and a criminal prosecution.

There are a number of different items that are placed in our containers and mixed together. Your skips first destination is a specialised facility where the different waste streams can be separated out and then they are sent their separate ways for processing.

What About Individual Materials?

Glass – Glass is one of the most easily recyclable materials which can be recycled over and over again. It is taken to a proper facility where it is crushed, mixed with raw materials then it is superheated in a furnace then turned back into a reusable glass which can be used for bottles and jars.

Metal – Metal is another material which is easily recycled, that is separated into two main types of aluminium and steel although iron and copper are also common.

Aluminium is used often in drink cans but needs to be put in recycling bins. When recycled these cans are often used again in aerospace and the motoring industry.

Steel is recycled and often more used for heavier duty purposes. Train tracks are often manufactured from repurposed scrap steel as well as being used for bicycle frames.

What About My Garden Waste?

Staffordshire Skip Hire frequently arranges skips for garden clearances and complete remodelling projects. This means our containers can carry away plenty of green waste.

Waste such as glass, plastics or metal can be taken to industrial-sized composting facilities. Now it is checked to see if any in-organic or contaminated material has been mixed in. If this is the case, it is removed and left to compost in huge heaps. This material is turned into fertiliser and soil conditioners in both the commercial and industrial sectors.
The basics of our skip hire service are that we carry away 95% of your waste to be recycled. Everything else will be handled by our fully licensed waste specialists and disposed of properly.

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