Skip hire -recycling

Do skip hire companies recycle?

If you have walked past a skip recently, you may have wondered what skip hire companies do with the waste materials? Also, do they recycle?

In this blog, Staffordshire Skip Hire will tell you what happens when our skips are taken away.

Knowing what waste management companies do with different types of waste may give you some inspiration on how to recycle and solutions for domestic and commercial scrap materials.

Working on a building project or clearing out your overgrown garden accumulates large amounts of waste plus people may not have the time to dispose of waste correctly.

Recycling explained for skip companies

Recycling is always the best solution to prevent large amounts of waste from ending up in landfill sites. Sadly, the amount of rubbish in landfills continues to grow with waste management companies looking to take waste to appropriate recycling facilities instead.

Hiring a skip is so much more than just getting rid of waste materials. Actions include collecting, sorting, and recycling the different types of waste. The extent of recycling often varies, depending on the individual skip hire company.

Here at Staffordshire Skip Hire, we are committed to maintaining the highest recycling rate to ensure very little waste ends up in landfills.

After collecting skips, waste management companies like us will separate the materials, garden waste, and scrap metal. We make sure that waste disposal is done ethically and as sustainable as possible.

Why is recycling important?

The percentage of household recycling in England has increased to around 45% in 2019/20. Hiring a skip helps to increase the amount of waste being sent to the correct recycling facility. Recycling companies manufacture products back into new products or packaging, which benefits our environment.

There is an increasing concern about fly-tipping, with rubbish being dumped on streets and public highways. This is why it can be useful to have a large space for accessible and sustainable waste disposal – like a skip.

Working with Staffordshire Skip Hire

As waste management specialists, we are proud to say we pride ourselves on recycling. We always try to take items to the right recycling facility so that items don’t end up in landfill sites.

We offer different sizes of skips depending on the amount of waste you may accumulate. If you need help with waste disposal or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today.