What is Grab Lorry Hire and is it the Right Choice for Your Job? 

If you’re starting a small renovation project, skip hire might seem like the obvious option for waste removal, but have you considered hiring a grab lorry instead? 

What is a grab lorry? 

A grab lorry is a specialist truck with a hydraulic arm that can reach up to 8 meters. Grab lorries are an excellent option for the collection and removal of waste, as they can easily be used to grab waste from hard to reach areas, with the waste then loaded into the back of the lorry to be removed. 

Grab lorry hire

Whether you are a private or commercial customer, we can provide grab lorry hire to collect and dispose of your surplus waste. All you have to do is ensure that your waste is left in an accessible area within 4 meters of an area where our grab lorry can park, and your waste can be removed and disposed of at your convenience. As our grab lorries are equipped with arms that can reach up to 8 meters, they can easily lift waste over hedges and walls too!

No matter the amount of waste you need to have removed, with our grab lorry hire we can remove it efficiently, and make sure it’s cleared and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Is grab lorry hire right for you?

Grab lorries are perfect for removal of a wide range of waste materials, including rubble, bricks, soil, concrete, timber, green waste such as hedges, trees and bushes, and general non-hazardous waste. 

Grab lorry hire is a particularly good option if you lack the space on your property to place a skip. Because a grab lorry only needs to be parked up for a short period of time, grab lorry hire does not require a permit, as skip hire would when a skip needs to be placed in the road.  



If you have any questions about our skip hire, or grab lorry hire services please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Staffordshire Skip Hire, our team is here to help!