Summer Garden Clear-outs In Werrington

Living in the Staffordshire Moorlands, we have the wonderful combination of fresh countryside air and the hustle and bustle of nearby city skylines. It might only be Hanley, but it’s what we have! So why not make the most of the country air, by getting out into the garden and creating your own serenity.

Skip Hire Werrington

If your garden looks a little more like a jungle right now, hiring a skip can help you to remove the excess waste from your garden, allowing you the space to turn it into your dream garden once again.
From digging up old trees and bushes to swapping out your old patio, our skips have got you covered. Anything from a small 3-tonne – to a 16-yard skip for bigger gardens (or jungles).

Saving Space

When filling a skip with garden waste, we often find that many people do not make full use of the skip, and rather leave an abundance of space where it has not been stocked well.
The most common issue is that the waste has not been cut down or compacted effectively enough. When cutting back, or down, trees and bushes, you will want to take the pieces as small as possible, or as many leaves off as possible in order to flatten them into the skip. While time-consuming, if you have a large garden, it’s cost-effective for your skip.

More Than A Skip

If your jungle is going to fill more than a standard skip, or indeed you have nowhere to store a skip, we have an alternative for you. Grab hire. As long as there is adequate parking to access your mound of waste within 4 meters, our gran hire machines can work over hedges and fences to clear away your garden. This works great for those that live in terrace properties with rear garden access across Stoke on Trent.
Our grab hire lorries are about to remove around 16 tonnes of waste in as little as 20 minutes, saving you hours of back-breaking work.

Longer Projects

Not everyone has the time to complete their garden project over a period of a day or two. Particularly not for the bigger projects. If this sounds like you, speak to the tea about skip hire in Werrington and how long you are able to keep hold of the skip. We are happy to discuss this on an individual basis, however, we are limited during busier times due to high demand.

Are you ready to tackle your jungle? Get in touch to book your skip today! Or talk to the team about our collection of decorative aggregates for when the waste is gone.