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The Best Way to Load Your Skip

As part of our skip hire service, Staffordshire Skip Hire has supplied huge amounts of skips to all kinds of people.

We always like to see our skips return in great condition, which is why for this post we have put together a few steps on how to load skips safely.

Tackling Skip Loading Properly

We are fully aware that many of our customers have not been trained in how to fill a skip professionally. This type of training often comes from working on commercial sites, so in order to get things right, simply follow the six steps below –

Before the Skip is Dropped Off – Make sure that the area where the skip is being placed is free from rubbish and any other obstacles. This should be a flat, stable area with easy access for the driver to drop it off. Avoid areas of soggy, marshy ground as the container could sink.

Delivery Day – Keep pets and small children inside when your skip is being dropped off. Ensure you give clear instructions to the driver so the container can be placed where you want it. Finally, make sure everyone stays clear as the skip lorry reverses in.

After Delivery – Do not attempt to move your container once it has been placed on the ground. This can damage the skip plus your property. You could also make it inaccessible when it is time to be collected.

Load it Properly – Ensure you place heavier items at the bottom of your skip, then add lighter materials on top. This will help to avoid ‘subsidence’, meaning items moving around in a hazardous manner. When you are picking up objects, lift your legs and keep your back straight, which also helps avoid back injuries.

Hazardous Items – If you are unsure about adding any hazardous items such as solvents, batteries and oils, do not add them to your skip. These items require more specialised methods of collection and disposal.

Don’t Overfill – Containers have what is known as a ‘fill line’, which is the limit that skips can be filled up to safely. Overfilled skips are a safety hazard and it can be illegal to move them. Do not go past this line to avoid chaos with items falling out over the sides when being transported.

Get in Touch for More Information

If you have any more questions about loading skips, please do not hesitate to contact Staffordshire Skip Hire now.