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Revamp Your Garden With Ease With Machine Hire

Whether you have moved into a new home, or you have just simply neglected your garden, summer is a great time to get the revamp underway. Looking out across your wilderness, you might be thinking would it be easier to just call someone in to do all the groundwork for you, but thanks to Staffordshire […]

Are There Separate Skips For Domestic And Commercial Waste?

When it comes to hiring a skip for your home and business, you might be left wondering if there are different types of skips available for business or for domestic purposes. Here we can help you to decide on the best skips for your needs. Difference In Skips There is no requirement to have a […]

Bathroom Revamp? Why Should You Hire A Skip

Home renovations can leave you with an abundance of waste that you can’t fit in your average household bin. Or that might be too big (or too much) to fit in the back of your car to head to the tip. This includes renovating your bathroom. Bathroom Fixtures When it comes to renovating your bathroom, […]

Where Does My Waste Go?

As more and more of us are recycling our general household waste, from separating your food waste, your glass, cardboard and even tins, you might be sceptical about which items from your skip are actually recycled. You will be glad to know that here at Staffordshire Skip Hire, we do all we can to ensure […]

Using Decorative Aggregates

Reds, blues, purples and greens, or even classic Cotswold stone, decorative aggregates can add a splash of colour and life to any outdoor area of your home. So why not consider how you can bring these colours to life! Garden Colour In the garden, there are a number of ways that you can use decorative […]

Garden Clearance

Springtime is the perfect time of year to entirely revamp your garden. So why not hire yourself a skip and give yourself a couple of days to strip your garden back to basics, and have it perfect in time for a summer BBQ. Types Of Garden Waste When it comes to clearing out your garden, […]

Spring Clear Outs

Every year people vow to do a spring clear out, but how often do we go all out and do a thorough clear out? What a better time to start doing that clear out while many of us are still in lockdown, and the kids have gone back to school? Not So Yearly We always […]

Your Guide to Recycling Scrap Metal

Staffordshire Skip Hire offer skip hire services for a number of different projects across our county, including large refurbishments. These sort of tasks generate significant amounts of scrap metal, but do you know the best way to get rid of it responsibly? Read our latest blog to find out more. Why Metal Recycling Is Important […]

What is Grab Lorry Hire and is it the Right Choice for Your Job? 

If you’re starting a small renovation project, skip hire might seem like the obvious option for waste removal, but have you considered hiring a grab lorry instead?  What is a grab lorry?  A grab lorry is a specialist truck with a hydraulic arm that can reach up to 8 meters. Grab lorries are an excellent […]

The Importance of Proper Asbestos Removal 

Asbestos still poses a serious risk when it comes to any demolition or refurbishment work, and it’s extremely important that asbestos is removed and disposed of appropriately and according to legal requirements.  What is asbestos  Asbestos refers to six naturally occurring minerals, composed of flexible, soft and heat resistant fibres, which were used for decades […]